It doesn’t take Calculus to integrate ELD students

Breaking the divide between ELD and American-born students starts from understanding why it exists in the first place If not the high scoring students and the plethora of tea joints scattered across the town, Cupertino prides itself on one thing: ethnic diversity along with its cultural integration into a “white” society. And yes, it is... Continue Reading →


Embracing our hyphen

Chinese-Americans should make an effort to understand their native culture and history For Chinese-Americans, it’s that time of the year to gather with family friends, receive red envelopes and eat an abundant dinner. Some Chinese-Americans may look forward to the event, and others reluctantly go to the party because they don’t have any other choice.... Continue Reading →

Pride and unity through public art

Making public art more accessible at MVHS can provide a sense of community The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that artistic engagement is linked to psychological well-being, and art has healing effects on the mind. That is a testament to the true potential of art not only on an individual level, but on a... Continue Reading →


Slacktivism detracts from the potential of social media and true commitment to causes We have entered a new age, one of connectivity, perhaps, hypersensitivity. What makes this such an intangibility is that it is a concept that transcends traditional human interaction— every single human has the potential to be accessible to one another on something... Continue Reading →

Taking initiative with conflict calendars

Conflict calendars should be written on and utilized more Most of us have seen the bright white poster paper taped on that cabinet, window, or whiteboard. Some are filled with the tests, events and orals of busy students, while others remain blank, untouched, almost as if they’re just any other normal calendar. Conflict calendars are... Continue Reading →

How do you feel: The gender scale

Teachers, students comment on gender issues Lengthy debates on the internet, anonymous comments on YouTube, angry discussions on social media. We hear about gender inequality all the time. There are those from all different points of the spectrum: the radical feminists, the men's rights activists, and those who play devil's advocate. Five students and teachers describe... Continue Reading →

Pulse: Later school start time

Drooping eyelids, yawning and drowsiness. All students have experienced these feelings due to a lack of sleep. With the current start time at 7:35 A.M., students often have a hard time waking up or don’t get eight hours of sleep. The prevailing opinion is that school should start at a later time, for both health... Continue Reading →

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