Reevaluating the role of activity points

Activity points attempt to place numbers on experiences that are unquantifiable Co-written by Amita Mahajan. A stream of students poured into the office on April 27 to turn in sheets of paper covered in numbers, checkmarks and calculations scribbled on the side. Over the past few weeks, students went from teacher to teacher across campus to... Continue Reading →


Pulse: singing valentines

Students share their thoughts on singing valentines Each year for Valentine’s Day, Variations and Bella Voce sell singing valentines to raise money for the music department as well as serenade students across campus. These cards and singing performances allow students to display love and affection to their significant other, as well as embarrass their friends. Some enjoy... Continue Reading →

Embracing our hyphen

Chinese-Americans should make an effort to understand their native culture and history For Chinese-Americans, it’s that time of the year to gather with family friends, receive red envelopes and eat an abundant dinner. Some Chinese-Americans may look forward to the event, and others reluctantly go to the party because they don’t have any other choice.... Continue Reading →

Pride and unity through public art

Making public art more accessible at MVHS can provide a sense of community The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that artistic engagement is linked to psychological well-being, and art has healing effects on the mind. That is a testament to the true potential of art not only on an individual level, but on a... Continue Reading →

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