Pulse: singing valentines

Students share their thoughts on singing valentines Each year for Valentine’s Day, Variations and Bella Voce sell singing valentines to raise money for the music department as well as serenade students across campus. These cards and singing performances allow students to display love and affection to their significant other, as well as embarrass their friends. Some enjoy... Continue Reading →


Taking initiative with conflict calendars

Conflict calendars should be written on and utilized more Most of us have seen the bright white poster paper taped on that cabinet, window, or whiteboard. Some are filled with the tests, events and orals of busy students, while others remain blank, untouched, almost as if they’re just any other normal calendar. Conflict calendars are... Continue Reading →

Pulse: Later school start time

Drooping eyelids, yawning and drowsiness. All students have experienced these feelings due to a lack of sleep. With the current start time at 7:35 A.M., students often have a hard time waking up or don’t get eight hours of sleep. The prevailing opinion is that school should start at a later time, for both health... Continue Reading →

Redefining the stigma

We should be aware of an evaluate the culture of depression Approximately 20 percent of teens experience depression before adulthood, but according to Psych Central, only 30 percent of depressed teens are treated. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death for teens, with 90 percent of them linked to depression. As teenagers, we are more vulnerable... Continue Reading →

Part of something smaller

Amidst the changes in Cupertino, we should strive to be involved in our community Work hard, and all will pay off. This is the mentality that is ingrained in our minds as we strive to be academically successful due to the influence of the MVHS student body. Out of a survey of 193 students, 73... Continue Reading →

The numbers game

College statistics can be misleading Five percent of applicants were accepted by Stanford University last year. Compare that to seven percent in 2012 and 13 percent in 2005. This trend doesn't only apply to Stanford. Schools such as Harvard, UC Berkeley and Princeton are following suit. It has never been harder to get into the... Continue Reading →

More than our fair share

Social media should not be for competition, but a platform for connectivity Comment. Scroll. Edit. Post. Like. These actions constitute our daily habits. Go out to a dinner with a couple friends and it wouldn’t be surprising to see people snapping pictures and checking social media. Anyone can post on Facebook in a matter of... Continue Reading →

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