Boosting Knowledge Retention through Skill-based Grading

In the interest of retention, UC San Diego courses should promote skill-based learning by utilizing grading systems based on students’ applications of skills. An ideal grading system wouldn’t emphasize test-taking skills as much as understanding the content. This isn’t to say that exams should be eliminated, but rather that exams should adopt skill-oriented problems and... Continue Reading →

Quick Takes: Automation of Labor

With Technological Advancement Comes Easier Methods to Exploit // Despite all the promises of technological innovation, the proliferation of automated machines will harm financial prospects for working people in the following decades. According to Digital Trends, robots are likely to replace around five million jobs by 2020. Beyond the threat of job destruction, Massachusetts Institute of Technology... Continue Reading →

#DeleteUber and#BoycottStarbucks Reveal Pressure for Companies to Find Middle Ground in Political Activism

As a response to President Trump’s executive order banning travel from select countries, many companies spoke out in disapproval of the policy, siding with activists and protesters. But some companies chose not to speak out, including Uber, which received immense criticism for its lack of action. Despite New York’s JFK Airport Taxi strike, which called... Continue Reading →

Polarizing Newsfeeds: The dangerous effects of personalized, unchecked social media content

As a result of biased viewpoints, social media users are quick to follow the mainstream, often promoting out-of-context, polarizing opinions that cultivate accusations instead of discussions. Over two months ago, the words “xenophobic,” “racist,” “misogynist,” “homophobic” and more infiltrated our newsfeeds following Trump’s surprising win. While these labels placed on Trump and his supporters may... Continue Reading →

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